Information for our buyers

The condition of our products

At mResell we believe that communication is the key to success. Therefore, we always provide complete manufacturing specifications as well as exhaustive details about the condition of all products in our stock. Every nook and cranny is thoroughly inspected for dents, scratches and other defects. We carefully document and present our findings so that you, as our customer can make a well-informed decision. Every product has a textual description supplemented with several photographs in order to portray the condition in the best way possible, but of course, if you happen to have any questions you are always welcome to contact us.

In order to make life a little bit easier for you we have created a grading system which can be used to get a fast indication of the condition of a specific product.

We use six different grades to describe the state of a refurbished product.

Grades and their meaning

Each product will have one of the following grades describing its condition:

Unopened: The product is still in its original, sealed box.

Very good condition (five stars): The product is almost brand new and should have no noticeable scratches/dents.

Good condition (four stars): The product is in good condition but might have an insignificant amount of scratches/dents.

Cosmetic defect condition (three stars): The product has cosmetic defects in the form of dents/scratches/leaking light/bright spots, etc. However, the product has been tested by our technicians and is fully functional. For those who can look past the less than perfect exterior, the product will serve long and well. As already mentioned above, the cosmetic defects will be shown both through photographs and a textual description so that you as a customer don’t get disappointed once you receive the product.

Heavy cosmetic defect condition (two stars): Same as above but with more extensive defects, always read the textual information and inspect the provided photographs to get a good sense of the products condition.

Functional issues (one star): The product has one or more defects impairing some of its functionality. The defect(s) and the consequences are thoroughly described and explained. The cosmetic condition of products with functional issues may vary a lot and we advice our customers to examine all the provided photographs as well as the detailed description.

Not satisfied with your purchase?

Although we do our best to ensure customer satisfaction, sometimes a customer might want to send back a product for one reason or another. For those occasions we grant our customers a two-week long ‘purchase on approval’ period, which means that if you, for some reason aren’t satisfied with the product you bought, you have the right to return the product for a full refund.


We always offer a minimum of three-months warranty on all our products. By clicking on a product in our web shop you can easily find out the warranty length for that specific product. After a completed purchase you will also find the warranty length specified on your receipt.

The offered warranty ranges from three to twelve months depending on the products age, condition and a set of other factors. If you wish to extend the offered warranty to cover an even longer period, you have the opportunity to do so. You can extend the warranty to cover up to an additional twelve months.

The warranty, which covers hardware failure is conditional and only applies under normal use and proper care. If a hardware issue arises within the warranty period, we will replace your faulty product with one that’s either equivalent or of a similar type, free of charge.

Safe and Secure

In order to protect you from fraud and other foul play mResell cooperates with numerous governmental agencies. The information exchange allows us to identify and reject orders of dubious origins, thus making sure that the products that we have for sale are authentic and ‘clean’. In the very unlikely case of an ‘illegitimate’ product making it through our control checks, e.g. if the product turns out to be stolen, we will immediately replace the product with one that’s either equivalent or of a similar type.


We use DHL for all shipping to and from Australia. After an order has been placed, processed and approved it’s packed and made ready for shipping. You will receive a reference number which will enable you to trace the parcel. By entering your reference number here: DHL Track & Trace you can find out where your parcel is located in real time and get an estimate of when the it will arrive. Delivery normally takes between 3-5 working days, but may vary depending on where you live.

We believe you will greatly appreciate our service and look forward to getting in touch with you personally! Don’t hesitate Contact us if you have any further queries.