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A face behind the company

We often get the question “Who is behind mResell?” So here is some background information about us, and me as the founder of mResell.

My name is Piotr Fernandez and I am the creator of this service. Before mResell I founded and built the Apple Premium Reseller company “Digital Inn” ( into a company that today sells around one thousand Mac-computers and a couple of thousand iPads per month.

I was very excited about the creation of Digital Inn and remember the first stages of that project as being the most rewarding. It is that feeling, when you are a small group of people and every day is full of opportunities and surprises that give you happiness and energy, that made me decide to take that journey all over again with mResell. After working for such a long time with Apple products, I saw the need for a safe and secure place for trading those second hand Apple devices, so I went for it.




mResell is a living and growing project! Since December 4 2012 we have had a huge number of happy customers and have launched in three new countries, with more to come.

I would like to finish off by thanking all of you that have given us great feedback. We really appreciate the support and positive comments during this time of development and expansion. It makes us even more convinced that we are on the right track to reuse, reduce and recycle all the great products that are out there, keeping all of you and our future customers happy. We love being able to offer a safe and secure place to buy, upgrade or sell your Apple products.




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