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Feel safe!

When purchasing a second hand product a bigger responsibility lies with you as the buyer. You don’t have to be an expert though – you can choose to trust us, because we are the experts!


Since we often don’t get to meet our customers in person we have done everything in our power to create a platform where mutual trust, safety and security permeates every process, from the initial purchase/sell order to successful delivery/payment.

Our goal is to make every purchase/sale through our web portal feel as natural and safe as a purchase from a physical store, and many of our customers would say that we have achieved this goal! Just check out our customer testimonies.

We have the competence and knowledge

As a customer it might be hard to judge if a product is suitable for the intended use, this is especially true when it comes to high-tech products with their many (often unclear) abbreviations and specifications. Furthermore, some specific concerns might occur when it comes to second-hand products. The mResell team has extensive experience in dealing with and servicing Apple products. We are always ready to guide you in the tech-jungle so that you can find the product that will fulfil your needs in the best way possible. A testimony to our knowledge and competence is the fact that our founders also founded Digital Inn back in 2008 ( A company that has grown to become Sweden’s leading Apple Premium Reseller.

Our products

To ensure customer satisfaction and product quality we always put every product that we buy through meticulous and extensive testing before putting them up for sale on our web portal. The testing is carried out by our highly qualified technicians at Mactech, who know the ins and outs of each and every Apple product. All spare parts used in repairs are sourced directly from Apple. The technicians make sure the product is fully functional and meets all the standards before accepting it.

Every product on our web portal comes with a minimum of three-month warranty, free of charge. If not stated otherwise (in the product description), the product should be in perfect working condition and ready to be used as soon as you receive it. If, for some reason, the product does not perform as advertised, we will resolve the issue in a timely manner. If there is something wrong with your product we will send you an equivalent or superior product as replacement.

If a product has any kind of defect, we will provide photographs as well as a comprehensive textual description of the defect in order to give the customer a clear picture of the products condition. However, in most cases we only use generic photographs of the products, in those cases you can expect the products to be without any noteworthy defects, even though minor scratches might occur. Don’t hesitate to contact usif you have any questions regarding a specific product.

Trusted shops

Creating an environment where customers feel safe and secure is essential for us at mResell. Therefore, we have implemented an extra layer of protection for our customers by cooperating with Trusted shops. Trusted shops is a third party website which certifies trusted e-commerce sites after they have passed their audit and quality criteria. The audit covers areas such as data protection, costs and payment, delivery terms, returns processing and customer service. Compliance with the criteria is continuously monitored by staff at Trusted shops.

We can proudly announce that mResell fulfils every criteria and is thus certified by Trusted shops.

Some of the features offered by Trusted shop are:

•   Guarantee that a web portal is safe to use based on several criteria.
•   Customer reviews hosted on Trusted shops own website (which of course can’t be altered by anyone else but Trusted shop).
•   Buyer protection. Money back guarantee on your purchase.

Secure payment methods

At the moment we accept four different payment methods, which are all secure and easy to use. You can choose to pay either via Paypal or through a bank transfer. With Paypal you can use VISA or MasterCard as well as PayPal to pay for your purchase. We offer Banktransfer with Lay-by as an option as well.

Meet the team

A big part of feeling safe comes down to knowing who you are doing business with. We have a customer service department that’s working tirelessly to answer any and all of your questions, you can contact us through telephone, e-mail or chat. If  you ever wonder who you are dealing with, we gladly invite you to meet use cookies. By continuing to use this site you agree to our use of cookies in accordance with our cookies policy.