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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions about our services.

What happens when I receive 0.00 for my device?

This means that we need to assess your device before we can offer you a price quote. Depending on what product type and year model you have there are different repair costs and part costs involved. you can still send it in to us and we will assess and then let you know what we can pay you for your device. If you are not happy with the quote we will in these cases then return it to you free of charge.

How do I know you will pay me the money and do not disappear with my product?

Our entire business concept is to offer our customers as safe and secure service as possible. mResell PTY LTD is a registered company in Australia. mResell will always comply with the prescribed rules relating to professional trade in used goods. If you wish to email us so you have a personal contact, do not hesitate to do it! We have a solid track record of happy customers in Europe and our service is entirely built on trust and recommendations.


Why don´t you buy products of even older models?

We are trying to work with products above a certain value. We have based this on previous delivery of our services in our other markets and what is currently in demand in terms of refurbished Apple products.


If I send a product to you and it gets broken in transit, then what happens?

If you use our shipping label then the product is insured, but only if it’s wrapped in suitable manner. So be careful how you pack your product!

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