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For you “the Seller”

As the seller of a used product you should:

Know that you will get paid.

We will pay you within 7 working days at the maximum after we have received your product (we always aim to work as fast as possible to pay our customers, so normally it should be a lot quicker then that.). In that time we will diagnose your device and ensure that your product description data is correct and then pay you the quoted price. If something differs to your description, we will contact you and offer you a new price and also give you the opportunity to cancel the transaction.

You own the product until you are paid

It is important to know that you own the product until you have received your money and we will handle your device with the same care as we handle our own, with silk gloves and ESD protection, and as much love as it needs.

Be reassured that none of the material from your item’s hard drive will be possible to recreate and abuse

All products we buy and sell are diagnosed using Apple diagnostics and also opened and checked thoroughly by our very competent and authorised technicians. The technician will go through the product and clean out all material from the hard drive and format it according to publicly accepted guidelines for secure deletion. If you are extra worried you can send it in without the hard drive or ask us to take it out for you and destroy it. We will then replace your hard drive with a new one before it is sold to the next person. This would result in a price reduction reflecting the cost of replacing the existing hard drive.

We think we are offering a service you are going to like and would love to receive your feedback. Please don’t hesitate to contact us and help us become even better!

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