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Safe and secure

What is important to you when you sell something to us? We think we know!


Safe and Secure

To feel safe is one of our basic human needs. When it comes to business transactions those made in a safe environment are always best.

We are an Australian registered company with ABN and ACN numbers and an Australian director. Should you like to read up on us a little more there is a government run site that provides all relevant information relating to our company: Please read more here:

As the seller of a product to us you are always the owner of the product up until we pay you. If for any reason we would get into financial problems before you have received your payment from us, the product is still yours even though it is in our care. This is one of the strong points in our agreement with our law firm Andulf and this is stated in the online agreement you agree to at the point of sale.

Safety is not just about getting paid for your product, it is about the handling of that product once it is sent off to us. When the product arrives to our service partner Mactech and their very experienced v service technicians will look after your product.

The technician will visually check the product and then do another check via Apple’s diagnostic program. After this they will report to us at mResell if the status of the product is the same as you stated on the site. If it is we pay out the money straight away to your nominated account. If not we will get back to you with a reduced price and wait for your reply. We always strive to pay out the agreed price as often as possible. Therefore it is very important that you as a seller fill in the details about your device very carefully and truthfully. 

Before the product is sold

Before the product is sold again by us the technician will remove everything from your hard drive. That means it is virtually impossible to recreate that information again. If you would feel worried that the information would end up with someone else anyway, it is OK to send the product in without a hard drive or to ask us to erase it for you. This is can be requested on the site at the point where you fill in the description of your product. If so, the technician will remove the hard drive and totally destroy it.


Our price engine is not only good at identifying your product, its algorithm also examines a matrix built on a few hundred parameters before it calculates a price. Our ambition is that the price will reflect a possibility for a resale to be made with a reasonable margin. We also have to take out a margin that will make our business profitable. Of course there are places like Gumtree or eBay where the transaction is made only between seller and buyer and where the result could be a slightly lower price. However we feel our environment is the most safe and secure for you, knowing that your item’s information will be wiped and delivering a guaranteed price (there is always room for bargaining on Gumtree et al, and you might have to wait to get a serious buyer).

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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